In 2009 Marc put on his first event and was a very memorable occasion.

A nervous one and what seemed at the time a gamble as the event was to raise money for charity and a target was set to raise, and the days before the event the pressure of knowing if the tickets have sold created thoughts of is this possible? The event was a big success, Marc brought down boxing champions, Tim Witherspoon, Steve Bendall, Joe Egan and Laura Saperstein.

Since then he has enjoyed putting on some fantastic events, hosting evenings with some true legends, Lou Ferrigno, Frank Bruno, Scott Welch and Nigel Benn to name but a few.

The most recent event was a fantastic Saturday afternoon and a packed gym enjoying the company of Nigel Benn.

Marc believes that as he finds himself in such a fortunate position to have some gained over the years some genuine friends and inspirational contacts, why not share such experiences and let people have access to such iconic figures that would often otherwise be out of reach.

I have a real passion for specialist events, I get asked a lot about putting on shows and up to now it has been as much of a fun project more than anything else, but I have put on events solely to raise money for a particular cause, as an ambassador for the WBC Cares UK, the charity arm the World Boxing Council I work towards supporting their great initiatives where and when possible as well as my newly founded support for Dorset Mind, a fantastic charity concerned with supporting those suffering from mental illness”
— Marc Smith