Saying “NO” to knives was the message and reason for a very special recent evening in Bournemouth. The Evening which boasted an impressive line up guest speakers, Big Joe Egan, former Heavyweight boxing champion and Mike Tyson’s former sparring partner, Scott Welch, former British and Commonwealth Heavyweight boxing champion and WBC Cares UK Chairman, professional boxer Chris Billam Smith and WBC Cares ambassador Marc Smith were all together for one night to take questions from a full house of captivated audience.

Also in attendance a number of local amateur boxers, the very inspiring athlete Kate Farley, a remarkable, very charming female boxer who has cerebral palsy, despite this absolutely does not let it get in her way, training very hard to learn the art of boxing.also Brett White of Poole ABC who was a key part to making the event possible with all his support and time he gave up for event planning.

The evening was a fantastic uplifting experience, lots of laughs as Joe Egan delivered some of his funny one liners and shared some great stories. There were some very emotional moments also as Joe talked of his very dear friend, recently a fatal victim of a brutal knife attack, each guest spoke of how they had been effected by the increasing problem on our streets of knives.

Marc Smith talked about the problems faced more locally in Bournemouth area and experiences he has encountered throughout his 25 years in the security industry, an industry that means being confronted with such situations far more than most in society,

It was a great privilege having Scott Welch along, the amazing work he does by way of the WBC Cares UK is remarkable, so it was great to have his input on the evening and extra special for boxing fans who were not expecting Scott to be in attendance.

The evening was all made possible thanks to the hospitality of Roxy’s Bistro Bar, who were very kind to hold the evening in their fine restaurant area.

A huge thank you to everyone who attended and the guests speakers who gave up their time to talk about such an important cause, a lot of really constructive ideas were discussed on how to combat knife crime, naturally a very emotive subject and a battle that not be won any time soon, but we can make a difference, it will take time and it wont be easy but it can be done and lives can and must be saved.



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Want to learn to box?

Have you always wanted to box?

Boxing is a whole lot more than just throwing punches, its a progression which covers, Stance, Footwork, Striking, Combinations, Defences, Strength and Conditioning, Boxing Fitness and Advanced Boxing Techniques.

It doesn't matter if you have never boxed before you will learn the art of boxing in a professional, friendly environment.

Contact me today and lets get your gloved up, feeling fitter, growing in confidence and learning one of the most purest sports there is.

And maybe, just maybe you could be the next Anthony Joshua.


07957 897205


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A Christmas Evening With ....

Roxy's Bistro Bar Christmas edition - Thursday 20th December.

I am really happy to be alongside these local, accomplished athletes, Matty Legg, Shaun Smith and Jay Knox for the Christmas edition Evening with, it will be great to sit alongside these guys and answer a few more questions and myself listen to and learn more about the these guys experiences, each of these guys have some very interesting stories to tell.

This event will be a full on festive evening and black tie event, so you all get to dress up, our favourite MC Benny will be back and rocking his bow tie and mic once more.

Please get your table booked with Roxy's Bistro Bar if you would like to enjoy a delicious meal on the night, it really will be a lovely night

This night absolutely will be a packed house, so do not be late for this one to avoid disappointment, the evening will be supporting WBC Cares UK and the initiative to help the homeless.

When the interviews have been done and the food had been enjoyed, dont disappear, Roxy's is open to late so we turn up the Wham and the party begins.

See you on December 20th.

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You are invited to a Christmas get together on Thursday 20th December at Roxy's.

After a great night at Roxy's Bistro Bar last month we are inviting people along to our Christmas evening with on Thursday 20th December.

Thank you again everyone that attended the last one.

I have been asked to to some more Question and Answer, but this time I will be joined by The Original: Jay Knox, Shaun Smith and local professional boxer Matty Legg and of course our MC Big Ben Higton.

We do love a Roxy's Evening with 😍

#roxys #eveningwith #mas #shaunsmith #jayknox #mattylegg


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A great night spent with an awesome audience.

A fantastic evening speaking to an awesome audience at Roxy’s Bistro bar in Bournemouth. I was very grateful to be invited along to talk about my career, life experiences so far and there have been some pretty interesting ones. It was also great to receive so much interest in the projects I am currently involved in, as well as the fantastic charities I am supporting.

It was great to take questions from everyone that come along, it was such a great night that after two hours solid, I could of talked for another two hours.

A huge thank you to the Roxy’s management, Ben, the MC and man with the questions, Joey, our photographer for the night and of course a full house that attended, it truly was a great night and one that I will be doing all over again as there is still so much more to tell you all.

Simply a great night!




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A conversation with Marc Smith at Roxys, Thursday 25th October.

I am excited to have been invited by Roxy's Bistro Baron Thursday 25th of October to talk a little bit about myself, my 25 years in the security industry, the good and the bad experiences, also talk about some of the very exciting people I have and continue to work with, familiar faces you may indeed know and how the collaborations come about, there have been too many to list here.

I’ve had and continue to live a life that I don’t take for granted, I’ve met, worked with, worked for and enjoyed great times with very many remarkable people, some of which have become good friends.

I’m very grateful and pretty humbled to have even been asked and invited along so please come along, it’s free entry but space is limited, we call it intimate.

I want to take the opportunity to support the WBC Cares UK whom do amazing acts of kindness for children or people that need the help all around the world, we are this year looking at an initiative to help the homeless in Bournemouth, so hopefully on the night donations or ideas can be put forward.

Please come along on Thursday 25th October, I’m looking forward very much to the evening 🤗

#mas #roxys #thur25th #upclose #personal #supportingwbccaresuk


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An Evening with on Thursday 25th October.

Following two fantastic evenings with at Roxy’s Bistro Bar in Bournemouth over the last couple months.

We were delighted to recently host an evening with local boxing and thai boxing champion Denise Castle, a remarkable lady who the fans and people in the room truly loved listening to and getting their photos with as well as her WBC World Title belt.

Earlier this month we also had a great evening with our guest Jay Knox, the founder or Fight Star Pro wrestling, another well attended, well recieved evening where the 15 years experienced wrestling champion Jay talked about his career and entertained the room.

So what next?

Please keep Thursday 25th October free as we have our next Evening with at Roxys.


ROXYS 25TH.jpg


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WBC Boxing Academy off to a great start.

What a fantastic night at Poole WBC Boxing Academy as we welcome some brand new faces and meet some new friends.

On just session three of our academy we had a really good attendance, looking to learn to box.

Everyone that attended come along with an open mind, a mind to listen, understand and learn and that they did. What we do is drill the basics and practise safer boxing, we are not here to seek and destroy, we are here to enjoy.

If last night is anything to go by we are going to have a amazing academy that is going to grow and grow into something very special.

What a great evening for Poole WBC Boxing Academy.

Well done everyone that has already taken that first step and is with us.



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The WBC Boxing Academy has had a great week.

Its been a great week, we began our academy classes from our new location on Monday and after three sessions we have a room of brand new to boxing ladies and gents who already are saying they love what they have learned.

A huge welcome to everyone that has joined the academy this week and for the fantastic feedback also, this week we are ready to welcome more to the academy.

I am very proud of everything we do at the academy, very proud and passionate.

So a heart felt thank you to everyone and not only are you going to learn the art of boxing but soon I will be announcing ways you can support the local community as that is a huge part of what we do here as we are WBC Cares.

Thank you and enjoy the journey.

Poole WBC Boxing Academy.




WBC Boxing Academy

I am super proud to extend an invite the to Poole WBC Cares Boxing Academy as we start our first session at the academy’s new home.

We have a 6 stage progressive program, which covers Stance, Footwork, Striking, Combinations, Defences, Strength and Conditioning, Boxing Fitness and Advanced Boxing Techniques.

It does not matter if you have never boxed before you will learn the art of boxing in a professional and friendly environment.

Come and join us Tuesday 2nd October and enjoy!

The WBC Cares Boxing Academy.




The WBC Boxing Academy

Do you want to learn the art of boxing?

We have put together a 6 stage progressive program, which covers Stance, Footwork, Striking, Combinations, Defences, Strength and Conditioning, Boxing Fitness and Advanced Boxing Techniques.

It does not matter if you have never boxed before you will learn the art of boxing in a professional and friendly environment.

Come and join us Tuesday 2nd October and enjoy!

Keep an eye on this page for regular updates!

The WBC Cares Boxing Academy.




PW FITT 6 week training camp starting October 1st.

So What is PW FITT?

Located in the heart of Poole, Dorset on the 1st October we launch our first 6 week training camp here at Lockstock Fitness.

The training will be available to all ages and abilities.

The sessions are perfect for anyone who wants to get fitter, loose weight, try something new and above all feel better of body and mind. Here at PW FITT we go further than just the sessions, we welcome and arrange social get togethers also, with great collaborations with local restaurants your welcome to join us as we have our monthly team get together.

If you want to know more feel free to call Marc on 07957897205 or call follow and message our facebook page.

You can sign up to the entire 6 week training camp which will consist of 3 sessions a week for only £97 or you can pay as you go for £8 a session.

This first PW FITT training camp is limited to 30 spaces so dont delay, book yourself on today.

On behalf of myself and the team here, we cant wait to see you and start getting the results you are wanting!


Pure Warrior (Banner).jpg